“The music moved by so swiftly, and with such vibrant intensity and honesty, it left us breathless, as if the understanding of a lifetime had been summed up in a single moment.”

- Monterey Herald

“Khudyev’s expert direction gave us a lovely slow and drawn out ending that had us holding our breath way past the cessation of the last sounds.”

- Peninsula Review

“There were several aspects of this concert that made it an especially memorable evening, but certainly at the top of the list was the presence of Farkhad Khudyev…”

- Peninsula Review

“Farkhad Khudyev put on a characteristically majestic, sweeping, intuitive performance…his attention to detail was striking. Epic, lush and ultimately optimistic, it was a triumph in every sense of the word.”

- New York Music Daily

“Khudyev was fully the artist the community has already found him to be, a man of exceptional talent and charisma.”

- Performing Arts Monterey Bay

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